Adding additional payment info to the Invoices (IBAN, payment links, crypto wallets)

Payment info

You can always add additional payment information to your invoices, also when you don't use a payment provider for credit cards or PayPal. 

Some examples

LU28 0019 4006 4475 0000
Bitcoin wallet
Revolut, Wise, Venmo, etc.


Where can I add it?

There are two places where it can be done, as a default note or as a footer.
To do it, create a New Invoice > choose where do you want the info to display.

Note Footer

If you choose "Default Note," an additional tab will open, and you can add the info you want and Update all past statements; always remember to Save Changes or 



The bottom of the final version of your invoice (and every newly created invoice) will contain the information you entered.

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