Creating a Recurring Bill

To create a recurring bill profile, click the top right "Add New" button on your Dashboard and choose "Recurring Bill".

Just like when creating a regular bill, you will then be taken to an empty bill template. In addition to this, you'll see a recurring profile "Schedule" menu, which we'll go into now:

Profile Name:
The name for your recurring bill profile, e.g. "Subscription payment for Basic Plan".
Start Date:
The date you would like this recurring bill profile to start.

The frequency your recurring bills are issued.

The total number of occurrences for this recurring bill profile. Type "0" in order to make it indefinite.
Profile ID:
This is your bill sequence numbering prefix. E.g. specify "XY" to have invoicely number your bills "XY1, XY2, XY3, ...".

Not sure about all of the other text and numerical inputs below the "Schedule" menu? See article Creating bills »

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