Setting Up Payment Integrations

Using the Credit Card Payments feature you will be able to integrate with one of our payment gateway partners, which include Stripe,, PayPal and Mollie. You will need to have an existing account with the credit card payment provider you would like to use, and once you know your access details for the respective provider, you can set up the payment gateway in your invoicely account.

If you are interested in which payment methods are supported by each payment gateway, please make sure to take a look at each gateway's website or documentation. All major credit cards are supported by each gateway.

Once everything is set up, your clients will be able to make credit card payments right from your invoice.


Since invoicely is only the middle-man, we do not charge any transaction fees on top of the fees charged by each payment gateway.

You can access the Payment Gateway settings by navigating to Business Settings > Payment Integrations


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