How To Add a Late Payment Fee to the Invoice

You would like to add a fee for those overdue invoices? This can be easily done by editing the invoice and adding a Custom Tax to your account.

How to create a custom Tax?

You can create a custom 'Late Payment Fee' tax by going to 'Business Settings' > 'Taxes, Discounts and Shipping'. Once there, the system will give you the option to create a new tax/fee entry.

This entry will be saved in your account and can be used anytime you need to edit an overdue invoice.

How to add the Fee to your invoice? 

  • Open your invoice and click on 'Edit', and then on the tax symbol.


  • Select the 'Late Payment Fee' from the drop-down menu
  • A description will be added and your custom tax is visible under 'Tax Total'




👉 You can also add the fee as an 'Item' to your invoice

  • Open your invoice, click on 'Edit' and select 'New Line' > 'Item'
  • Add a description about the Late Fee and select the Quantity and Rate
    The total will be adjusted accordingly



We highly recommend you clearly state on your 'Invoice Note' that after the due date you will be manually adding penalty charges/fees to the invoice.

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